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    FM BioEnergy

    Daily digester control in the palm of your hand with our new easy-dose additive, BC.MICROcon5. Contains the exact daily dosage of the five most essential trace elements to keep your AD biology stable and maximise your biogas yield.

    Easy-dose daily digester additive

    FM BioEnergy

    We offer a wide range of digester additives to help operators maximise efficiency. Take a look at our product range to see which best suits your requirements.

    Digester additive range

    FM BioEnergy

    Silage is a valuable AD feedstock and needs to be correctly managed. Our independently approved silage additives reduce storage losses, prevent reheating at the clamp face during feed out and protect against yeast and moulds.


    Improve gas yields from silage

    FM BioEnergy

    We offer free digester health checks for all UK AD plants. Our specialists are here to help so enquire today!

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    FM BioEnergy

    Effective even at 25% DM or lower, Silasil Energy SG boosts beneficial bacteria to speed up fermentation, prevent reheating at the clamp face and protect against yeast and moulds.

    NEW grass silage additive

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    Book a free digester health check

    We offer free in-person digester health checks for all UK AD plants.
    Click here to book your free health check.

    Quick delivery on AD additives

    We have a wide range of AD additives in stock and offer rapid delivery! We hold stock of trace elements (including our daily easy-dose additive), enzymes, iron and ammonium binder.
    To enquire about availbility and prices, please contact us.

    Silage additives in stock 

    Our silage additives are proven to dramatically improve gas yield. We can also offer a speedy delivery service.
    To enquire about availbility and prices contact our team today.

    Premium Digester Care

    FM BioEnergy provides a range of services to help operators of anaerobic digestion plants gain more control of the process and increase methane yields in order to improve the return on investment.

    We have taken our knowledge of livestock nutrition and built on this by partnering with Schaumann BioEnergy, the German market leaders in biogas optimisation and process efficiency. We work across both waste and agricultural plants and our client base generates over 35% of the UK's AD biogas output.

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