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    About FM BioEnergy

    FM BioEnergy provides a range of services to help operators of anaerobic digestion plants gain more control of the process and increase methane yields in order to improve the return on investment.

    We have taken our knowledge of livestock nutrition and built on this by partnering with Schaumann BioEnergy, the German market leaders in biogas optimisation and process efficiency. We work across both waste and agricultural plants and our client base generates over 35% of the UK's AD biogas output.

    Tim Elsome

    Afbeelding: Tim Elsome_General Manager
    • General Manager

    Tim has been the General Manager of FM BioEnergy since 2013, taking the business from its start-up phase within the UK’s newly-emerging biogas sector to become a leading player in the now established market.

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    Ricardo Lanfranco

    Afbeelding: Ricardo Lanfranco_ National Biogas Silage Specialist
    • National Biogas Silage Specialist

    Ricardo joined FM BioEnergy in 2020 to help manage the growing silage additive side of the business and is the main contact for enquiries concerning ensiling and our Silasil Energy product range.

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