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    Biological support

    Regular screening and analysis of your digester contents will enable you to make informed decisions. Our accredited laboratory and expert consultants will help you maintain a steady gas output; increase your gas yield if your AD plant is underperforming; get your plant up and running fast during commissioning; and even get it back on track after a biological failure.

    Remember, a targeted nutritional programme is essential as no one plant is the same.

    At FM BioEnergy we provide the finest biological support

    • Next-day analytical results
    • Flexible contracts – from three months to one year
    • ISO-accredited biogas-specific laboratory
    • Easy-to-interpret results
    • Specialist assessment of all plant types from 50 kW on-farm digesters to 5 MW food waste facilities
    • Working with leading biogas training provider IBBK to educate the industry


    “We don’t just get a set of results or a batch of additives; we get an informed interpretation that brings everything together.”  
    Robert England, Boxford Suffolk Farms

    “We advise on the best holistic solution for an individual plant. We’re not in the business of selling products our customers don’t need.”  
    Tim Elsome, General Manager, FM BioEnergy

    For more information and pricing please contact our team here.

    Free Digester Health Check

    We offer a free digester health check to all new customers. This includes a full analysis of the biological parameters and trace element levels for all primary digesters on site.

    We provide feedback and recommendations for improving site performance and are happy to work with you to implement an improvement plan.

    For more details please contact our team of specialists.

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