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    Afbeelding: ATOX.Ncon

    Ammonia control

    For many plants, high nitrogen feedstocks deliver a cost-effective biogas output. However, nitrogen breaks down into ammonium and ammonia; the latter being toxic to bacteria. Left untreated, this is detrimental to the AD process. If you’re processing nitrogen-rich feedstocks such as food waste or chicken litter, our ammonium binder, ATOX.Ncon, will ensure you get the best out of your substrate and prevent acids from building up.

    • Formulation based on extensive research
    • Dosage rate calculation based on digester parameters
    • Fast-acting
    • Non-toxic
    • Non-corrosive

    “We operate our plant with high nitrogen feedstocks, predominantly grass silage plus a ready supply of chicken litter. As a result, we always have high levels of ammonia. Regular analysis from FM BioEnergy alerts us if the bacteria needs some assistance, at which point we dose ATOX.Ncon to quickly bring the digester back from an inhibited state.”
    Robert Gallagher, Willsborough Ltd

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