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    H2S control

    Many feedstocks produce high levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in the digester, which is detrimental to the AD process. This can be partially managed by injecting oxygen into the digester headspace, but brings the risk of technical problems in the future. The most effective way to manage H2S levels is through the addition of iron. With a unique formulation, our product, ATOX.Scon, contains the optimal iron content to ensure the best possible control of H2S in your digester.

    • Fast-acting
    • Highly reactive
    • Expertly blended
    • Non-toxic
    • Non-corrosive
    • 24-hour delivery

    ATOX Scon Demonstration

    In this demonstration we prove the effectiness of ATOX Scon for H2S control

    “Working with a number of sites with different feedstocks, we understand how important it is to be able to effectively control our H2S levels. After struggling to keep on top of the H2S on one site, we turned to FM BioEnergy’s ATOX.Scon iron product, which enabled us to quickly gain control and improve gas quality. The product is highly reactive so if our feed changes and the H2S levels start to rise, we can increase the dose to quickly bring them back down and maintain control.”
    Craig Botterill, Ener-G BIO Ltd


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    ATOX Scon Demonstration for H2S Control in Anaerobic Digestion