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    Afbeelding: BC.MICROcon5 sachets

    One-a-day easy-dose digester additive

    BC.MICROcon5 is a brand-new approach to digester care. This supplement contains the exact daily dose for a 1MW plant of five key trace elements – nickel, selenium, cobalt, tungsten and molybdenum – in a safe-to-handle, digestible tab that requires no mixing, measuring or pouring. Helping to maximise biogas yields and improve digester health, it’s a no-fuss way to keep your AD biology stable. Plus, the simple design makes it easy to flex up or down depending on different plant sizes – for a 500kW facility just add one tab every two days, and so on.

    • Handy-sized pouch
    • No measuring or pouring required
    • Safe to store and handle
    • Exact daily dose for a 1MW plant
    • Contributes to improved digester health
    • Helps to maximise biogas yields

    Contains the exact daily dose of 5 essential trace elements:

    • Nickel
    • Selenium
    • Cobalt
    • Tungsten
    • Molybdenum

    “BC.MICROcon5 has proved its worth in terms of boosting our biogas output, delivering a 400% return on investment. It’s simple and safe to use and is popular with staff on site – it really is a game changer.”

    Alex Monks, Chief Operating Officer, BioWatt

    Afbeelding: FM bio - BC. PRO 5g - 2