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    Afbeelding: BC.Zym

    Enzymes for increased biogas and reduced viscosity

    Just as our bodies need enzymes to break down the food we eat, so the microbes in a digester need help to break down fibrous feedstocks, such as grass, maize or wholecrop rye. Adding the right enzymes exposes the cell membrane, speeding up the digestion process, improving gas yields, reducing viscosity and providing theoretical retention time.

    Our enzyme range is produced using a dry fermentation process and with specific AD feedstocks. This ensures that our products have the highest enzymatic activity possible and can be blended to each individual plant’s requirements.

    “We doubled our plant capacity in just one month, without the need for additional tanks, thanks to a bespoke enzyme product from FM BioEnergy.”
    Nigel Bloom, Springvale Energy


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