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    Boost your biogas

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    Understanding digester biology to maximise plant efficiency

    10am-4pm, Tuesday 12th March 2024, Boxford Suffolk Farms, nr Sudbury...



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    Top tips for optimising your biogas

    Top tips for boosting your biogas yield

    We have combined our top tip five tips for boosting your biogas yields into this short blog. 

    1. Take professional biological advice - There are several reasons why your gas output could be lower than expected: from sub-standard feedstock or poor feedstock management, to trace element deficiency...

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    Generation X double plant output with digester additives

    The operator of a crop-fed biogas plant has seen its energy output double in just six months following an overhaul of the digester biology by FM BioEnergy.

    Based in Consett, Co Durham, the 1 MW Generation X AD plant was operating at just 40% efficiency and was suffering from biological...

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    Is your AD plant leaking biogas and losing you money?

    The UK’s anaerobic digestion (AD) industry has come a long way in a short space of time, growing by 350% in a decade. 

    Tim Elsome, General Manager for AD specialists FM BioEnergy, outlines the real cost of unidentified biogas leaks and the inexpensive steps you can take to reduce the risks on your plant.

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    JJ Power boost AD plant feedstock using Silasil Energy XD

    For on-farm biogas plants using crop-based feedstocks, the quality of the harvesting and ensiling processes can be the difference between success and failure.

    Having experienced issues with bought-in silage feedstock JJ Power now use a silage additive from FM BioEnergy to ensure that the quality of their feedstock and the performance of their digester remain high.

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