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    Understanding digester biology to maximise plant efficiency

    10am-4pm, Tuesday 12th March 2024, Boxford Suffolk Farms, nr Sudbury

    Leading biogas consultancy FM BioEnergy is holding a free-to-attend, one-day training event aimed at helping AD operators gain a better understanding of their digester biology.

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    Join experts from Schaumann BioEnergy, Boxford Suffolk Farms and FM BioEnergy as they reveal key insights including:

    • What’s going on inside your tank?
    • What to analyse and how often
    • Common biological problems and how to resolve them
    • Top tips to quickly maximise your biogas output


    This event will also feature sessions on silage management, including:

    • Creating superior silage for biogas
    • How to maximise methane and reduce losses in the clamp


    As well as a free lunch, attendees will also take part in a tour of Boxford Suffolk Farms’ 1.2MWe agri AD plant.

    Places are limited – to secure your spot, contact info@fmbioenergy.co.uk or call Tim Elsome on 07802 173130.

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