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    Case studies

    Please find below links to case studies that some of our valued clients have kindly allowed us to publish.

    Link: 80469

    New grass silage maximises biogas potential for Vale Green Energy

    A new silage additive from FM BioEnergy – developed specifically for use on UK grass – has doubled levels of beneficial acids following a successful trial.

    After nine days, both lactic and acetic acids – essential for good silage production – had significantly increased, while pH had been rapidly lowered to optimal levels. When the silage was analysed again ...

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    Link: 80469

    Easy-dose digester additive delivers 400% ROI for Essex AD plant

    A one-a-day easy-dose digester additive from FM BioEnergy has boosted gas output at BioWatt’s Katharos Organic AD plant, delivering a 400% return on investment.

    The 1MW facility in Thaxted, Essex, initially took part in a nine-week trial of FM BioEnergy’s new BC.MICROcon5 digester supplement, which contains the exact daily dose of five key trace elements...

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    Link: 80467

    JJ Power boost AD plant feedstock using Silasil Energy XD

    For on-farm biogas plants using crop-based feedstocks, the quality of the harvesting and ensiling processes can be the difference between success and failure.

    Having experienced issues with bought-in silage feedstock JJ Power now use a silage additive from FM BioEnergy to ensure that the quality of their feedstock and the performance of their digester remain high.

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    Link: 80469

    Generation X double plant output with digester additives

    The operator of a crop-fed biogas plant has seen its energy output double in just six months following an overhaul of the digester biology by FM BioEnergy.

    Based in Consett, Co Durham, the 1 MW Generation X AD plant was operating at just 40% efficiency and was suffering from biological...

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