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    Silasil Energy C

    Afbeelding: Silasil Energy C_Small

    For carbohydrate rich-crops fed to both the digester and livestock

    Silasil Energy C contains a special combination of one heterofermentative and two homofermentative lactic acid bacterial strains, protects silage from energy-consuming undesirable microbiology and promotes both ruminant feed intake and the AD biogas yield.

    With its combination of bacterial strains that promote feed intake, Silasil Energy C enables both the biogas plant and the herd to be supplied efficiently from a single batch of silage.

    Afbeelding: Silasil Energy C_Biogas and Milk Yield

    SILASIL ENERGY C protects against energy loss and nutrient degradation and breaks up the silage for high methane yields. Owing to the specifically adjusted fermentation pattern and the ‘feed intake plus effect’, silages treated with SILASIL ENERGY C are suitable for biogas generation and for animal feeding.