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    Creating Superior Silage for Biogas Production

    Silage is a valuable AD feedstock and needs to be correctly managed. Our independently approved silage additives reduce storage losses, prevent reheating at the clamp face during feed out and protect against yeast and moulds. Moulds can produce mycotoxins, which can cause biological instability in the digester. Our silage additives preserve the biogas potential of your silage, generating more methane and therefore more profit.

    Why choose FM BioEnergy for silage additives?

    • Accredited by German Agricultural Society (DLG) for increasing methane yield and reducing losses
    • Increase gas yield of 9%
    • Reduces fermentation time in the clamp to as little as 2 weeks
    • Prevents yeasts and moulds which cause biological instability in the digester
    • Product range includes cattle-friendly additive, so silage can be fed to either your cow or your digester

    “FM BioEnergy’s technical expertise and range of silage additives allow us to better control the ensiling process. Not only do they help to produce a more stable feedstock and reduce storage losses, but they also reduce the fermentation period. With Silasil Energy XD, ensiling takes as little as two weeks in a clamp, with fewer edge losses and a more stable face when feeding out. We have also noticed that the clamp face no longer heats up, so we are not losing energy at feed out.”
    David Bermingham, Icknield Gas Ltd.


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      Silasil Energy XD

      For carbohydrate-rich crops

      A highly efficient combination of three lactic acid bacteria strains; Lactobacillus diolivorans, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus buchneri.

      Particularly recommended when rapid silage fermentation times and quick access to feedstock are required as the clamp can be opened after just two weeks.

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      Silasil Energy BG

      For moist, protein rich, low sugar crops

      Silasil Energy BG contains homofermentative lactic acid bacteria specially selected for biogas production to protect wet, protein-rich, low-sugar energy plants.

      The homofermentative fermentation pattern provides effective protection against energy losses through low pH values and a high lactic acid content.

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      Silasil Energy C

      For carbohydrate rich-crops fed to both the digester and livestock

      Silasil Energy C contains a special combination of one heterofermentative and two homofermentative lactic acid bacterial strains, protects silage from energy-consuming undesirable microbiology and promotes both ruminant feed intake and the AD biogas yield.

      With its combination of bacterial strains that promote feed intake, Silasil Energy C enables both the biogas plant and the herd to be supplied efficiently from a single batch of silage.

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      Silasil Energy G

      For the protection of protein-rich crops fed to both the digester and livestock

      Silasil Energy G activates the protective mechanisms of the purely homofermentative lactic acid bacteria for protein rich, low-sugar plants with a high moisture content. Effective control of the pH value with a high lactic acid concentration gives the silage long-term protection against undesirable nutrient degradation.

      Silasil Energy G controls the ensiling process because its special lactic acid bacteria produce a specific fermentation pattern with a strong lactic emphasis. The substrate hygiene achieved is the basis of successful animal feeding and a smooth running biogas process.

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