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    Silasil Energy SG

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    Specially developed for UK grass

    An innovative combination of four bacterial strains that protects grass silage, whether the season has been wet, dry, warm or mild. Effective even at 25% DM or lower, where the risk of harmful Clostridia bacteria can be high.

    How does Silasil Energy SG work?

    A combination of four bacterial strains (L. plantarum, L. buchneri, L. coryniformis and E. faecium) help to preserve the biogas potential of grass in the clamp by boosting lactic and acetic acids and rapidly stabilising the pH.

    • Speeds up fermentation time
    • Prevents reheating at the clamp face
    • Reduces storage losses
    • Protects against yeasts and moulds
    • Contains 4 bacterial strains
    • Effective at a range of dry matters


    Vale Green Energy trial results

    A 2023 trial of Silasil Energy SG by AD operator Vale Green Energy saw levels of beneficial acids double and pH rapidly lowered to optimal levels. When their grass silage was analysed seven months after the initial treatment, lactic and acetic acid levels were equally high, and the pH was still within the optimal range. Using Silasil Energy SG has helped Vale Green Energy avoid spoilage and minimise energy losses in the clamp long term, while preserving the biogas potential of their silage.


    “Our silage is free from moulds and yeasts, doesn’t heat up at the clamp face or during feed-out, and the energy is preserved for biogas production.”

    Nick Green, Vale Green Energy

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